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Taking the High Road

A Quarterly Newsletter

Joel Yudken 2Welcome to Taking the High Road, a quarterly newsletter from High Road Strategies, LLC, an economic policy research, analysis, and design consultancy focused on achieving economic, energy and workforce sustainability. Our newsletter features articles that address this goal, brief reviews of notable books, reports and publications, and relevant economic trends. We also update you on some of our latest work. For example, note the recent release of Supplying the Unconventional Revolution: Workforce Readiness,and If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It! Potential Impacts of Privatizing the Tennessee Authority, announced in the section Recent on the High Road, below. The first full issue of Taking the High Road will be posted in October 2015.

The High Road Strategies approach identifies integrated solutions to complex economic, environmental and social problems that recognize and respect the needs of all affected stakeholders. We seek transition paths in addressing these issues that mitigate adverse economic, environmental, and workforce impacts, while creating prosperous, environmentally sustainable communities, economically competitive industries and businesses, and a well-educated, skilled workforce with family supporting incomes. This philosophy guides the themes and content of the articles in this newsletter, as well as our blog and occasional white papers.

Please share this newsletter with your friends, family, colleagues and legislators. We welcome your feedback and ideas.  Check out the High Road Strategies blog as well.

We appreciate your interest in High Road Strategies and look forward to hearing from you.

Joel S. Yudken, Ph.D.
High Road Strategies, LLC


Volume 1, Number 1 - August 2015

Features in this volume include:

  • Exploring the High Road
  • The High Road to a Clean Energy Economy
  • Articles Along the High Road
  • Manufacturing Challenges in a Global Economy
  • Workforce of the 21st Century
  • High & Low-Road Numbers
  • What’s Worth Reading
  • Recent on the High Road
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