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Policy Research, Analysis & Design for a Sustainable Economy, Environment & Workforce

Who We Serve

Balancing the Interests of Government, Industry, Labor and Public Interest Organizations

Helping Organizations Find Sustainable Solutions

A variety of organizations rely on High Road Strategies to assist them in formulating solutions to complex economic, industrial, environmental, and technology policy problems.  Clients typically turn to HRS for three reasons:

  1. To extend their internal capacity in carrying out large or specialized projects on pressing policy issues;
  2. To provide deeper insight and understanding of the risks and opportunities of policy alternatives;
  3. To gain wider acceptance of their policy proposals by enlisting our outside expertise and credibility.

A Reputation for Working with Diverse Stakeholders

Our reputation was built by providing independent and authoritative research and evaluation that is intellectually defensible by our clients.

Perhaps this is why our help has been requested on an array of projects by such a wide range of clients, including business and labor, environmental, energy and other public interest groups, academia and government.  These include, for example:


  • Bipartisan Policy Center

    Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC; formerly National Council on Energy Policy), Washington, DC—sponsored a major project, led by High Road Strategies, in conjunction with the Millennium Institute, to produce the report Climate Policy and Energy-Intensive Manufacturing: Impacts and Options, assessing the impacts of a moderate-priced U.S. greenhouse gas emissions trading system on several major energy-intensive manufacturing industries (iron and steel, paper, aluminum, chemicals).

  • EDF

    Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Washington, DC and New York, NY—supported a follow-on study to the BPC report, examining the impacts of provisions (i.e., output-based rebates) of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (H.R. 2454) that mitigate the economic costs of the climate legislation on energy-intensive trade exposed (EITE) manufacturing industries.

  • Ohio University

    Ohio University Voinovich School for Leadership and Public Affairs (OU), Athens, OH—contracted with High Road Strategies for two projects: first, on a State of Ohio Department of Development-supported project, spearheaded by OU and The Ohio State University, to examine the risks and opportunities for Ohio manufacturers associated with climate and energy policies; and second, in conjunction with the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, to examine energy issues and opportunities for Ohio manufacturers.

  • Industrial Union Council

    AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council (IUC) , Washington, DC—supported the production of produced a major report, Manufacturing Insecurity, America’s Manufacturing Crisis and the Erosion of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base.

  • Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance (EEIA) Commissioned IHS Economics, which in turn contracted with High Road Strategies, to conduct a research study and produce a report—Supplying the Unconventional Energy Supply Chain: Workforce Readiness—evaluating the workforce challenges, occupational skill needs, and workforce education and training opportunities in the unconventional energy supply chain sector, nationally and in major unconventional energy producing states.

  • E2

    Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2)—(a non-partisan business organization and partner of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)—supported a study on the economic benefits of the U.S. military’s program to expand its use of advanced biofuels in its planes, ships and other vehicles.

  • BlueGreen Alliance

    BlueGreen Alliance (BGA),  Minneapolis, MN and San Francisco, CA—supported the production of research reports and policy recommendations for promoting clean energy manufacturing in Michigan and California.

Other clients have included: United States Business & Industry Council, the Council on Competitiveness, AFL-CIO Department for Professional Employees, and the Natural Gas Supply Association, among others.

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