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Policy Research, Analysis & Design for a Sustainable Economy, Environment & Workforce

Our Services

The High Road Merges Diverse Interests Into Broad Solutions

Taking the High Road

High Road Strategies, LLC is an industrial, economic and energy policy research, analysis, assessment and design consultancy.  We specialize in advancing public policies and industrial strategies that promote the goals of:

  • Sustainable economic growth and industrial competitiveness
  • Energy security and environmental protection
  • A skilled, well-trained workforce with family supporting incomes.

This is in sharp contrast to traditional or “low-road” economic and business strategies: those that presume economic objectives must be at odds with environmental, workforce development, and other social goals.

High Road Services

High Road Strategies offers many services and products, which can be tailored to suit each client’s requirements. These include:

  • Needs assessment, problem definition and project development
  • Empirically-based research and analysis of policy impacts and options (i.e., evaluating risks and opportunities of policy alternatives)
  • Analysis of national and regional economic, industrial and technological trends
  • Sectoral studies, including industrial and work-organization analyses
  • Policy and strategic guidance and expert consulting
  • Policy and legislative recommendations
  • Reports, white papers and briefings
  • Presentations for conferences, workshops and panels

Our Approach

We take a unique approach to complex policy issues: a collaborative process combined with innovative analysis to produce High Road Solutions.

Collaborative Process

Actively engaging the participation of diverse stakeholders. These may include labor, business, environmental and public interest groups, communities, and government, whose views and interests regarding critical public policy (e.g., energy and climate) may not always align. The goal is to clarify and define problems so they are amenable to research and analysis. Ultimately this paves the way to policy solutions based on areas of common interest and agreement.

Innovative Analysis

Quantitative and qualitative research and analytical tools applied to the evaluation of economic, industrial, technological, energy and environmental policy issues. When appropriate to the scale and scope of a problem, we apply a variety of analytical tools, from simple input-output analysis to system dynamics modeling. This enables highly flexible, empirically-based dynamic evaluation of economic systems – to gauge behavior in response to alternative policy scenarios.

High Road Solutions

Our services are designed to provide empirically-grounded guidance to policymakers. This insures they can identify policies and strategies that are realistic in meeting the economic interests of multiple stakeholders, while also achieving critical public goals.

The High Road Process

High Road Strategies can apply a wide range of analytical and modeling tools and methods to research, analyze, and develop policy alternatives for complex policy problems, to produce a variety of results, outcomes & products.

Results, Outcomes, and Products Analytical Tools and Methods Research Analysis and Develoment Policy clusters

Our Services


Results, Outcomes & Products

  • Policy and legislative recommendations
  • Reports, briefing papers, whitepapers & published articles
  • Policy and strategic guidance and expert advice
  • Presentations and briefings
  • Conferences, workshops and panels

Research Analysis & Development

Policy Analysis & Development

  • Needs assessment & project definition
    • Assess client concerns & needs
    • Engage stakeholders to gauge concerns, interests & proposals
    • Identify policy and strategic options
    • Scopes of work & proposals
  • Analysis of policy impacts and options
    • Economic impacts of policy options
    • Measures to mitigate impacts
    • Opportunities & benefits
    • Technology options & policies

Sectoral Studies

  • National & regional industrial trends
  • Industry case studies
  • Workforce and community adjustment
  • Analysis of regional industry clusters


Policy Clusters

Energy, Climate Change & the Economy

  • Energy, climate change and manufacturing competitiveness
  • Clean energy manufacturing
  • Green economic development
  • Green technology opportunities
  • Industrial retention & conversion
  • Green jobs and employment

Industrial Competitiveness

  • Manufacturing revitalization & international markets
  • Manufacturing & national security
  • Innovation, productivity and technological change
  • Supply chain strategies
  • Labor markets & workforce development
  • High performance work organization initiatives

Analytical Tools & Methods

  • Qualitative and statistical analyses of national, regional, and industrial economic patterns
  • System dynamics modeling of industrial and regional energy-economic-technical systems
  • Logic modeling-based industrial and work organization case studies
  • Regional input-output models