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Third Climate Policy and Manufacturing Report Released

logo1A new report produced by High Road Strategies and the Millennium Institute was released in September 2010 that examined the impact of climate policy on energy-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) manufacturing industries. This is the last of a “trilogy” of such studies that included the report on Climate Policy and Energy-Intensive Manufacturing: Impacts and Options, sponsored by the National Commission on Energy Policy (now Bipartisan Policy Center), released June 2009, and Climate Change and Energy-Intensive Manufacturing: The Competitiveness Impacts of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, sponsored by the Environmental Defense Fund, released February 2010. The latest report, Climate Change and Energy-Intensive Manufacturing: Alternative Policies and Effectiveness of Cost Mitigation Provisions in the American Energy and Security Act of 2009, was sponsored by the National Commission on Energy Policy/Bipartisan Policy Center and the AFL-CIO Working for America Institute.  Building on the research and models in the earlier studies, the new report examined alternative policy scenarios, based on different assumptions regarding alternative, non-carbon electric power costs and the availability of international offsets, and evaluated various options, based on the border adjustment mechanism (International Reserve Allowance Program) stipulated in the legislation. It should be noted that the System Dynamics Society has selected the three joint HRS-MI studies on climate policy and manufacturing as among the best recent system dynamics applications. For more information, click here.

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