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Good Jobs Green Jobs 2012 Regional Conferences

logo-bluegreenHigh Road Strategies’ principal Dr. Joel S. Yudken participated on panels in two of the four Good Jobs Green Jobs Regional Conferences held in 2012.  He first appeared on a panel on state clean energy manufacturing policies, in the Good Jobs Green Jobs regional conference held in Atlanta, Georgia, February 23-24.  The February 23 morning workshop, “The BlueGreen Apollo Green Manufacturing Action Plan: Policy Recommendations for States,” provided an overview of policy recommendations for promoting clean energy manufacturing in three states—Ohio, Michigan and California—produced by the Apollo Project of the BlueGreen Alliance, that Dr. Yudken helped to develop, drawing on research and the input of three state-level task forces of labor, environmental, and business leaders.  Other panelists included Jeffrey Rickert, Deputy Director of the AFL-CIO Working for America Institute, Mac Lynch, Senior Manager of State & Local Affiliates, BlueGreen Alliance, Silvia Minton, Sr. Vice President, Corporate, Institutional & Government Affairs, MAGE SOLAR Projects, Inc., and Chris Busch, Policy Director, BlueGreen Alliance, who was moderator.  Yudken conducted research and developed an initial set of recommendations that served as the intellectual foundation for the GreenMAP policy recommendations for Michigan and California (click here for more information).

The Atlanlogo-goodjobsta conference was the first of four regional conferences organized by the BlueGreen Alliance.  The others were held in Los Angeles (March 25-26), Philadelphia (April 3-4), and Detroit (May 10-11).  Dr. Yudken also appeared on the panel on the Clean Transportation Manufacturing Action Plan, at the Detroit, Michigan conference on May 10, where he spoke on “Clean Transportation Manufacturing Opportunities.”  On the same panel, Brian Lombardozzi, BlueGreen Alliance Senior Policy Analyst, provided an overview of the BGA/Apollo Alliance Clean Transportation MAP.  HRS also served as a Convener for the Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Detroit events.

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