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Making It Here Conference Panel in Cleveland, Ohio

July 11-12, 2012, High Road Strategies’ principal Dr. Joel S. Yudken was featured in two panels in the Making It Here: Manufacturing Our Energy Future conference held in Cleveland, Ohio. The first session, “Manufacturing Opportunities in Solar,” also included Tom Bullock, Ohio Representative of the Pew Charitable Trust, who was both a moderator and speaker, and Sylvia Minton, Sr. Vice President of Corporate, Institutional & Government Affairs, MAGE Solar (download Dr. Yudken’s presentation “Solar Power Manufacturing: Opportunities and Challenges”). The second session, “Policy to Drive Advanced Transportation,” also included Michael Stepp, National Field Director of Transportation for America, Brian Lombardozzi, Senior Policy Analyst, BlueGreen Alliance, and James Fine, Senior Economist, Environmental Defense Fund (download Dr. Yudken’s presentation “Clean Transportation Manufacturing Opportunities”). WIRE-NET, The BlueGreen Alliance Foundation, and the Great Lakes Wind Network (GLWN) jointly sponsored the conference, with support from the American Clean Skies Foundation. The focus of the conference was to examine obstacles facing five key energy-related industries, including wind, solar, natural gas, energy efficiency, and advanced transportation. Participants included representatives from industry (including OEMS and suppliers), labor unions, legislators, policy experts, and energy advocates.

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