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BlueGreen Alliance Clean Energy Manufacturing Studies

logo-apollologo-bluegreen-smIn March 2011, the Apollo Alliance Project of the BlueGreen Alliance commissioned High Road Strategies to research and develop policy recommendations for promoting clean energy manufacturing in Michigan and California. High Road Strategies Principal Dr. Joel Yudken first conducted a comprehensive assessment of the federal policy landscape as it relates to clean energy manufacturing (CEM). This was followed by research and policy reports summarizing the trends, status, and policies supporting clean CEM growth in Michigan and California. The Michigan Green Manufacturing Action Plan: Next Steps in a Clean Energy Manufacturing Policy, a report released by the Michigan BlueGreen Apollo Alliance in October 2011, built upon an initial set of policy recommendations that had been developed by Dr. Yudken, drawing upon the CEM research report. A similar policy report, The California Green Action Plan, based on initial recommendations developed by Dr. Yudken, and reflecting the input of the California Green Manufacturing Action Project (GreenMAP) Task Force and BlueGreen Apollo Alliance Project staff, was released November 13, 2012 (click here for more information).

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