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CE3 Industrial Energy Efficiency Webinar

CE3 v2On June 11, 2013, High Road Strategies (HRS) principal Dr. Joel S. Yudken moderated a webinar entitled A Roadmap for Industrial Energy Efficiency in Ohio, presented by the Consortium for Energy, Economics & the Environment (CE3) at the Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.

The webinar discussion focused on innovative approaches to responding to energy efficiency targets of Ohio energy bill S.B. 221, by large industrial users in the state, including those in the “MUSH” market (municipal and state governments, universities, schools and hospitals).   Webinar participants discussed how Ohio entities are saving money and energy, and what more can be done to grow and support the state’s energy efficiency efforts.

The invited experts on the webinar included:

  • R. Neal Elliott, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Director for Research, American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy, who spoke on energy efficiency in manufacturing
  • W. Lawrence Godleski, Vice President–Regional Markets, Constellation Energy, who spoke on energy efficiency in higher education (especially at Ohio University)
  • Marty Lanning, LEED AP, Partner, Energent Solutions, who spoke about energy efficiency applications in the health care sector.

CE3 is a High Road Partner of HRS.   More information about CE3’s Webinar Series can be found at: Or contact the webinar series organizer Elissa Welch at

This webinar can be viewed online by going to this site in the Past Webinars section.

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