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Transatlantic Research on Policy Modeling Workshop

On January 28-29, 2013, the Millennium Institute (MI) in collaboration with the CROSSOVER Project (Bridging Communities for Next Generation Policy-Making) sponsored the Transatlantic Research on Policy Modeling Workshop, held at The New America Foundation in Washington, DC.   The workshop participants included economic policy experts, researchers and modelers from the United States and Europe.  Its main purpose was to gather and share knowledge on the use of simulation models and data for policy formulation and evaluation, in order to foster an effective communication between science and policy.  High Road Strategies principal Dr. Joel S. Yudken was invited to participate in the session entitled “Energy & Environmental Policy Analysis: Applications.” His presentation “Evaluating the impact of climate change policies on the competitiveness of America’s manufacturing sector,” described how system dynamics modeling was applied in several earlier studies jointly produced by HRS and MI on the impact of climate change policy on energy-intensive manufacturing (click for more information), as well as more recent, similar work performed in Ohio (click for more information).  Other panelists included Jim Barrett, chief economist of Applied Solutions—Local Governments Building a Clean Economy, Washington, DC who moderated, and Kai Neuman, of Consideo GmbH, from Germany, who spoke on the topic, “Explorative qualitative modeling of measures for a more sustainable country.”

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